Why dumping rubbish is a waste of money

17th October 2018

Furniture made from cigarette butts and Nike shoe soles, rugs from old jumpers, and fruit bowls from smartphone screens - welcome to the House of Trash, which opened in Milan earlier this year to show the world's design capital that landfill can be lifestyle.

The company behind the project - Miniwiz - is the brainchild of Arthur Huang, an architect and structural engineer. Increasingly shocked by the amount of consumer waste being dumped, he set out to explore alternatives.

"I knew that just hating waste won't make it go away," he says.

"There's already enough metal, enough plastic to support our economy many times over. There's a huge abundance of premium grade trash to use and re-use as base-source content for new products."

The House of Trash is being turned into a workspace and meeting venue for designers working in recycling.

Source: Russell Hotten, Business reporter, BBC News

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