What will we be drinking in 2019? – Up & Coming Beverage Trends

15th October 2018

Innovation is happening across every market segment, and beverages are fitting into more areas of people’s lives than we could have ever imagined. Looking ahead it’s difficult to know exactly what’s in store, but here are some of the trends we’re expecting will play a significant role in the beverage landscape in 2019.

Protein Beverages

Protein beverages continue to be a popular category. Consumers are increasingly interested in health and fitness, and many of next year’s beverages will focus on building wellness. Protein has been shown to aid in muscle repair, recovery, and building, and has long been a popular drink ingredient among athletes. Today, however, a large number of protein beverages are sold to non-athletes. This growing acceptance has led to increased innovation in the forms and flavors of protein beverages offered. The most significant areas for expansion in the protein beverages category are alternative protein sources and new types of protein beverages.

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Source: Dan Macri for My Drink

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