New EU organic regulation to deliver ‘certainty’ to consumers

23rd April 2018

MEPs backed the new EU law on organic production and labelling, with 466 votes in favour and 124 votes against, with 50 abstentions. 

Delivering clarity

Martin Häusling, rapporteur for the European Parliament's Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development, helped steer the legislation through Parliament.

Speaking during a press conference in Brussels, Häusling stressed the importance of having “clear rules”​ and a harmonised European approach.

“The most important point is we are giving certainty to producers and more clarity to the sector and we have a more harmonised approach across the European Union,”​ the German representative for the Greens told reporters.

The European Commission issued a proposal on organic regulations five years ago. However, Häusling said that the deal hammered out by MEPs goes further than these initial proposals in an attempt to meet consumer expectations on organic production standards. “We have achieved a substantial improvement to give greater certainty to consumers,​” he noted.

Source: By Katy Askew, Food Navigator.

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