KFC to Test Vegetarian ‘Chicken’ Later This Year

5th June 2018

There has been a steady, ongoing rise in conscious consumerism over the past several years. Whether it be for health, environmental, or animal welfare concerns, more people than ever before are choosing to leave animal products off their plates and identifying as vegan, vegetarian, or “flexitarian.” Demand for plant-based products has jumped by 140 percent in recent years, and the shift has been so apparent that even fast food giants like McDonald’s, Burger King, and White Castle have begun to provide alternatives to meat on their menus in certain areas. And now Kentucky Fried Chicken will be joining in with plans to introduce a meat-free chicken alternative in the UK and Ireland!

The UK has new dietary recommendations that encourage people to eat meals under 600 calories. KFC plans on providing meal options that match these requirements, and in addition to testing out a vegetarian chicken option, will also be providing healthier alternatives to sodas and fries at no extra cost. The meat-free chicken will begin to be offered later this year in the UK and Ireland.

Source: Natasha Brooks, One Green Planet Online

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